I have had the pleasure of reading the 200 word reflective blogs of either our new students physical education experiences prior to starting university five weeks ago or our year three students who talk about a physical cultural issue that is personally relevant to them. It’s a humbling experience reading of some people’s experiences in physical education where the ugly face of racism, sexism, sizeism and ableism unfortunate rear their ugly heads.  At other times it is a little than concerning to hear of the practices that occur in the gymnasiums of our nation. In a recent lecture to the same year three students David Kirk suggest that if you want a definition for physical education then you need to look in the spaces where it is taught and see what is done in its name. From reading some of these blogs it is not always very good things. Yet we have also been talking to our students to explore their biographies of physical education and many have been truly inspired by their physical teachers and these individuals have certainly done tremendous things in the name of physical education. I guess we have to take the rough with the smooth.