Thank you for presenting a summary of our research in your blog.

In our paper, we aimed to contribute to a fruitful dialogue around how the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the essence of teaching PE in Spain, which led teachers to feelings of worry, exhaustion, and disenchantment with their profession. 

While we are aware that in other contexts the use of digital technologies in PE is well-known, this is not the case in Spain. Therefore, with the pandemic, the teachers had to re-invent and re-think their profession within just a few weeks.

It is difficult to know at this stage, at least in Spain, whether the pandemic has taught us anything, and whether we can do better if this situation happens again. All PE teaching went pretty much ‘back to normal’ after the pandemic, and there seems to be no real changes. Teacher training in Spain should take into account these possible new social circumstances and be able to support teachers in a more efficient way to be better prepare for a possible similar situation than the Covid-19 pandemic.