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Aligning Beliefs and Actions

There is often a gap between the hope and the happening (Ulf Lundgren, 1983). In other words, what you hope will happen (or believe should happen) doesn’t always come to fruition (or isn’t actioned).

In the penultimate blog in this series on Practitioner Research I ponder the conundrum of matching our beliefs to our actions as researchers and practitioners and as practitioner-researchers. In doing so I’ve tried to meld the thinking of Tim, Lee and Doug with my own and fuse it into a vaguely coherent and meaningful narrative. As such credit for everything good in this fortnight’s blog goes to the four of us, while blame and misunderstanding are my burdens to carry.

To summarise our discussions about beliefs and actions in the book, and the potential misalignment that we have often seen and experienced in our work, I draw upon Doug’s words: 

“If you believe that girls should have the same opportunities in sport and physical education as boys, let’s look back … and see if those beliefs were translated into action. If they are, great! How do you keep it going? If they weren’t, why? Why weren’t they translated and how could you shift that?”

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