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Acknowledging Bias

I’m bias. I know I am. I realise that I am bias in ways I’m comfortable with. I like dogs more than cats. I like rugby more than football. I also realise that I’m bias in ways I don’t feel comfortable with. Increasingly, I find myself picking up on biases that I didn’t even know were biases. And I find myself without a vocabulary or the confidence to express them. Who do I tell about them? How? 

As a researcher how do I acknowledge my bias? How do I explain to the audience of my work that I undertook a research study or wrote a paper with certain expectations. How do I explain why I choose one piece of data over another to tell my tale? How do I acknowledge that my bias probably made my tale into something that another person might have told differently or not at all? And yet how do I stay honest to myself and help other people see ME (for all my biases) and trust my tales?

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