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Grey Areas

I remember deliberately having grey areas on my timetable. I know this because that’s how I shaded them in. These were not areas of ambiguity or indecision. These were deliberately shaded in and referred to as grey. These were the areas where I let myself (or was forced to) teach spontaneously, to be less guided by the pedagogical intentions I entered the classroom with and more attune to my pedagogy senses. This were the lessons where I chose (was required by circumstance) to be reactive rather than proactive in my teaching.

On most occasions, these we lesson where I knew I wasn’t in control of content or where I was team teaching with a colleague who didn’t share the same pedagogical aspirations as me. These were lessons were a planned for models-based practice approach wasn’t an option or, if it was, it had to be sneaked into those teachable moments (Metzler, 2011) that I could find or make.

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