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The Next PEPRN blog Series

What's next and where next for the blog

PEPRN was conceived as a vehicle to talk with practitioners and colleagues about research. If you read the aims of the site http://www.peprn.com/about.aspx it talks about sharing research and engaging in conversations. But before PEPRN (and these aims) came The Physical Education Practitioner Research Network and another set of aims.

The Physical Education Practitioner Research Network was created in 2012 as a way of engaging practitioners in research and providing them with a network of like-minded people with whom to talk and share their ideas/anxieties/triumphs etc. It was to be a forum around which a number of studies and PhD's could work and research. The trouble was we overestimated the willingness of teachers to (a) use an additional social media platform and (b) share their work in such a public way. Consequently, the purpose of the original site didn't meet the needs of the community.

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