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First steps

An example of a starting point for MBP – The first unit of work

The adage suggests that the first step is the hardest. Perhaps it is. The problem, from the perspective of this blogger, is defining when you’re taking that first step. To make thing easier for all of us I’m going to state – categorically – that you’re already taken that first step. In fact, to make things a little easier still, I’m going to say that you’ve already taken a few of these first steps. You’re here. You’ve made the decision to try something new. You’ve acknowledged a gap in your teaching or an aspiration to do ‘something’ better or differently or just a little scary. Choose your own words but the fact is – as far as I’m concerned - you’re not at step one or two and maybe not even three.

But you are towards the start of your journey. Like the child in the picture you’re peering around the corner and wondering what you’re going to see. Great. Enjoy the view for a while. The options – as they say – are endless (well, at least plentiful). In fact, perhaps you’re spoilt for choice.

So, the real question is “where do you go next?”

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