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Using Autoethnography

Jodi didn’t seek an outcome. Instead she sought a source for her own misgivings and concerns. She didn’t rush to action but engaged in a study of herself in her culture.

The teacher-coach is a well-recognised entity in physical education; but it is not a standardised model. In some countries (like Canada where Jodi lives and works) coaching is seen as being more important than teaching and in others (take France as an example) coaching barely gets a look in in schools. 

This is not, however, something that has occurred overnight. No one woke up one morning and said “right, physical education teachers must now coach school teams and we must win the city championships in our inaugural year!” These cultures have existed and become normalised over time. Today’s teacher-coach – or multi activity promoters, or command style teachers – were successful in the same systems in which they now work. Many of those ‘raised’ in such a system don’t look to challenge or buck the system that ‘made’ them who they are. 

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