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Using Self-Study of Practice

The aim was to foster meaningful participation in physical education and youth sport by offering experiences that promoted: social interaction, challenge, motor competence, fun and delight.

Our own histories inform the histories of others. The past help us to make choices today and in the future, and these choices impact on the lives of others. The decisions we make are, somewhat, based on the decisions that have been made by others for us. Some of these decisions and choices are obvious (like buying a gift or moving house or school). They are tangible and obvious. Some are fleeting. They are made in the moment and forgotten as quickly and yet they still have impact. They effect and affect others. Take our pedagogies.  

My teachers made decisions for me based on their histories. Those decisions impacted on the ways in which I taught and the sports I favoured (and still do I’m sure). Indeed, they stongly impacted on the very manner in which I considered and constructed physical education. In turn, I made decisions that have impacted on others. Those I taught physical education to and went on to teach were influenced by the decisions I made for them. 

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