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PEPRN´s Mission

The aim of this website is to bring together physical education teachers, coaches, physical activity leaders, volunteers and university practitioners from around the world to talk about practice, young peoples’ experiences of physical activity, and research.

We often don’t get the opportunity to talk about these things in a sustained and supportive environment but through this virtual space, and the Talk Board, Group Blog, Shared Resources and Research Impact sections, I believe we can start multiple conversations and challenge ourselves to improve. As the site owner (Ashley Casey), I hope that through this shared space we can begin learning from each other, and in doing so develop shared practices that can positively influence our own practices while ultimately improving young people’s experiences of physical activity.

So join in the discussions, share your ideas and let’s start talking. It is important to note and thank Professor David Kirk and the University of Bedfordshire who originally, and respectively, conceptualized this space and then seed-funded it.

About Ashley

Ashley Casey completed a BSc in Sport Studies at West London Institute of Higher Education (1990-1993) before completing a Graduate Certificate in Education in Physical Education at Brunel University College (1995 -1996). On graduating he taught in a secondary school in Yorkshire for thirteen years (1996-2009) and took up post-graduate study in 2002 when he started a part-time MSc in Physical Education at Loughborough University while working at a teacher.

Ashley graduated from his MSc in late 2004 and started a PhD in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at Leeds Metropolitan University in early 2005. Maintaining his dual role as teacher-as-researcher, Ashley’s PhD explored his transformation as a teacher of physical education from a teacher-led to a student-centred practitioner through the use of the pedagogical models Cooperative Learning, Teaching Games for Understanding and Sport Education.

Ashley took up his first lecturing post at the University of Bedfordshire (2009-2014) and completed his PhD in January 2010. Having served as course leader for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees Ashley joined the department in March 2014. Ashley has a vibrant social media presence on Twitter (@DrAshCasey) and writes and presents a weekly blog (www.peprn.com) and podcast (peprn.podomatic.com) focused on “major themes in physical education research”.