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Reflection: from 'paper and pen' blogging to the web

A focus in the physical education and sport pedagogyresearch group has been on getting our new doctoral students to use blogging asa reflective tool. The challenge for these novice researchers/bloggers is towrite exactly 200 words once a week on ‘something’ of significance to them. Partof this undertaking is to help them to actively (and publically) consider whatis going on around them. Another part is to take these commonplace or obscure ‘somethings’and articulate them in writing. The final part is to fit into the limitationsimposed by academic works.

With this in mind I decided to start, under the sameconstraints, to blog about how I blog. These words (or at least similar words)initially came from my pen and were written, unedited, straight on to today’spage of my reflective diary. In other words they were shot from the hip. Thesecond process was to transfer my paper and pen ‘blog’ to the computer. This transferwas critical and considered and led to the first edits and rewritings of mywords. The finals stage was to adjust the text to fit the 200 word target exactlywith no wasted words or overly cut corners.

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On Sunday 28 November at 04:53 CHANG-HYUN LEE said
When I was a first year PhD student, I wrote 200 words every weekday. It was valuable works. The most unbelievable phenomenon to me was that my Korean writing also was improved. The works by English took two hours to me. It was so harsh times. I needed to find subject to write, to correct my fault of grammars, and to fit into 200 words. After sending the blog, I received a feedback from David. There were many red lines and words. It made me embarrassed because I thought that my writing was perfect because I invested two hours. Thinking back, it was a perfect foolish confidence. I cannot understand my confidence at that time because my insufficient English has been still effective. It will go on the future even Korean writing. However, the repeated red lines seem to give me slight confidence. As Ashley wrote above, writing will give many questions around me. When I studied master degree, one professor told me that the endless wondering to my surrounding situations was a starting point to become a qualitative researcher. One of good ways which cherishes my surrounding situations or becomes a good qualitative researcher seems to write 200 words.

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